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February 21, 2019 Bar Cabinet

An Orderly and Elegant Diy Bar Cabinet

The soft tones of the wood, especially when it is natural, together with warm light always give a feeling of peace and calm. If we have diy bar cabinet with these characteristics. We guarantee an environment where everything is in place and one feels comfortable and at home. An elongated counter with comfortable chairs like what we see in this photo and symmetrical drawers is essential for such a bar.

If in our house we have a small terrace before the garden or patio, using that space to turn it into diy bar cabinet and decorate it with tables and chairs will make any barbecue a feast worthy of stories. In the bar of this photo, we see how through a sliding window you access the bar and the patio. The black table is ideal to enjoy a family meal, while the bar works as a striking and elegant decoration when not in use.

For other occasions, the combined use of the two spaces will be very helpful and will cause a sensation! Larger than the previous wooden diy bar cabinet of this Book, this blank option can also be placed in any room of the house. When it is completely closed, and depending on the color we choose, it can blend in with the walls and go almost unnoticed, or fulfill an extra function as a shelf and comfortable. How practical!

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