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Building Wooden Swivel Bar Stools

Wooden Swivel Bar Stools – Do you have a countertop bar in your kitchen and are planning to build a bar stool or two for that? This article goes through step-by-step instructions on building a simple wood swivel bar stool. You only need some joinery tools, plywood, bets or paint you choose, a rotatable plate and hardware


Cutting the Pieces for your Wooden Swivel Bar Stools. Draw a 1-foot -4-inch square box on a piece of plywood. Mark the center of this box by tapping a nail in plywood. Tie one end of the cord around the nail and extend it to the center of one of the edges of the box. Take a pen and use the location of your string exactly at the edge to draw a perfect 1-foot -4-inch whole circle on the plywood. Use the keyhole to eject the circle from the plywood. Sand all sharp edges outside cut pieces. Apply the bite or color you want and allow to dry.

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Build your Swivel Bar stool

Lay two leg pieces Wooden Swivel Bar Stools on the floor, parallel to each other 7 inches apart. Place a 7- inch long piece between the legs at one end so you have three sides of a rectangle. Place another 7-inch play between the legs 2 feet away from the other 7-inch play. Repeat steps 1 and 2 and build another similar section with the other two legs and two shorter pieces. Screw the remaining four 7- inch 2-of -2 pieces between the legs that are not attached but at the same level as the other four 7-inch pieces. You now have four legs with a square frame holding them together at the top and another square two meters below it.

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