Elegant Aesthetics with East Coast Bar Stools

Sep 18th

A material thanks to which the space of a bar or a restaurant can be streamline by its elegant aesthetics with sober lines. Steel, aluminum or forging transmit the values ​​of a current design. A clear example are the metal east coast bar stools of medium height use in the industrial decoration. Or the more careful terraces with the delicacy of the hotel bars made in wrought iron. Employing materials such as polypropylene or polycarbonate. It is betting on the most current image of decoration for both interior and terraces and exterior.

A bar with solid colors can be soft with more dynamic elements provide by semi-transparent. Then combined or even opaque plastic east coast bar stools. Many of these models are design with structures in wood or metal. So we compensate the visual weight. And the final harmony of the decoration of a restaurant or a public space. Ideal to expand the visual space of small premises.

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The comfort provided by the upholstered seats is undoubted. In addition, dressing the bar of a bar with a collection of upholstered east coast bar stools allows for a touch of special personality and the results can be very attractive depending on the type of upholstery chosen: in leather, in imitation leather, in leather, in vinyl, in fabric, in patchwork.

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