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February 19, 2019 Bar Stool

How to Choose the Right Linon Bar Stools

Linon Bar Stools – There is a wide range of bar stools on the market. Some chairs come with their backs, others turn and some even look like nice dining chairs. Regardless of the exact type of stool you choose for your restaurant, bar or home, you must first measure the area around the area used with the stool. Otherwise, individuals sitting on bar stools will not be at a convenient distance from the top of the table, disk or bar.


Place the measuring stick or tape on the underside of the surface you use with Linon Bar Stools, such as a kitchen table or bench. If the measuring stick does not fit directly below the surface, raise it with the underside side (for example, the very bottom of the bench). Run measuring tape or tape in a straight line down to the floor.

Read the measurement on the memory / tape to the nearest 1/8 inch to the floor / bottom side of the surface (depending on how you placed the tape or stuck during measurement). Write down or remember this measurement (eg “40”). Subtract values ​​”8″, “10” and “12” from the measurement obtained in the previous step (“40”) in this example. These values ​​represent the legs of Linon Bar Stools. Use these three values ​​(“32”, “30” and “28” for this example) to compare and contrast different sizes of bar stools for the particular surface measured in steps 1-3.

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