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February 20, 2019 Bar Furniture

How to Cut Ashley Furniture Bar Height Table

Ashley Furniture Bar Height Table – When dining tables and chairs are not bought as a set, you may need to reduce the height of the table for more comfort. Coffee tables may also need to be adjusted to fit with sofas and armchairs. Shortening table legs can be done with some basic tools, but requires accuracy to ensure alignment work.


Determine the desired Ashley Furniture Bar Height Table before calculating how much you need to shorten the table legs. Turn the table upside down and remove the legs by unscrewing the brackets. Measure the distance from the bottom up to remove from the table leg. Mark on all sides of the leg, and repeat on all four legs. Attach the leg to a screwdriver. Cut the table leg to the desired length with hand saw, and repeat on all legs. Smooth the bottom of the table legs using sandpaper. Replace the legs to the table and turn it in the right direction.

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Tips and warnings

Measure twice – gently – and cut once. If you cut too much off you cannot try again. Make sure the Ashley Furniture Bar Height Table is perfect level before you start. If it is not, you will need to adjust for this before making any cuts.

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