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June 9, 2018 Ceiling Lighting

How to Paint Ceiling Light Fixtures

Ceiling light fixtures – You can make your home lighting a fancy focal point with little creative craftsmanship. Bath bars and crystal chandeliers – fixtures like home builders and most individuals install in their homes – are mainly made of brass and chrome. Why settle for the usual when you can easily light up your lighting with some color and simple craft supplies? The steps described here can help you create an antique-looking luminaire using a color glaze.


Clean the ceiling light fixtures with an ammonia-based cleaner to remove all grease and dirt from the surface. Place the fixture on a cloth outside. Sprays have a tendency to travel and produce harmful fumes. Making work outside minimizes the mess and reducing the effects of paint smoke. Tape away all areas that you do not want to paint with low tackiness to target magazines and newspapers. Remove all decorative items such as shades and set aside.

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Spray the whole ceiling light fixtures or bath bar using white splash primer. Choose a spray primer for slippery surfaces. The can should be labeled “bonding primer.” Spray the primer in a steady, reciprocating motion, slightly overlapping each passage of the spray can. Apply 2:58 rocks; allow the primer to dry for about an hour between each layer. Turn the fixture over to the opposite side and spray all areas you missed.

Tips and warnings

Purchase crystals and fabric lampshades to add to antique charm your fixture. Crystals can be found at most craft shops.

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