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May 9, 2019 LED Lighting

Installing LED Outdoor String Lights

LED outdoor string lights can add atmosphere to all household space. This home-based lighting solution has become increasingly popular because it is thin and easy to place behind artwork or other focal points for creative backlighting. In addition, LED lighting uses less energy than traditional incandescent lamps. LED lights are even more energy efficient than competing “green” compact fluorescent lamps, consuming half of electricity, and lasting “about ten times as long” according to Michael Bloch’s Green Living Tips article. “LED: Going Long.” Fortunately for knowledgeable consumers, a lot of easy with just a few basic tools and a bit of knowledge to install LED lights.


Measure the space before purchasing your LED outdoor string lights and get a rope that will span the width of the space. It is easier to get a long line for the whole space than to string together several smaller ropes. Make sure the cliff is large enough to hold the diameter of your LED light before nailing them; the rope thickness depends on the brand and model.

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Nail plastic cable clips halfway into the installation area regularly. You want to leave a small space to slide in the LED light¬† before nailing the clip all the way — if not, of course, you buy clips that still have room for the rope even after they are completely spiked in. If you want the rope to hang a bit, then leave a lot of space between each clip; If you want the ¬†LED outdoor string lights to be tightened, place the clip about 8 inches apart.

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