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Metal Bar Stools Standard Measurements

Metal Bar Stools – What is a stool? We can define stool as high chairs that provide seating quickly and cozy. Although the height of a bar stools are usually standard, the height of a bar stool is something very variety. To help you, here we show some keys that you should take into account when choosing the stools at home.

The measurements of a metal bar stools are important and, although each stool has a height, we can say that the measure in which we should look is not that, but that of the height of the table or the bar under which the stool will be place. To have a comfortable feeling when sitting, the space that goes from the bar to the seat must be at least 25 cm. If the height of a 90 cm kitchen bar stool should be around 65 cm.

In the case of the relationship between table and dining room chair. That space of separation does not usually exceed 30 cm. But since the posture on the metal bar stools is more upright. That space between the two elements can slightly exceed 30 cm. Therefore, to find the ideal model there are two options: measure the height of the bar or table and based on it choose the stool. But on the other hand, stool height is usually prefer in kitchen stools.

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