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February 21, 2019 Bar Cabinet

Super Stylish Bar and Wine Cabinet

A bar and wine cabinet that is easily accessible and easy to access drawers will always have the character that the decoration that accompanies it imposes. If we have bright colors and designs that invite movement, we can use the benches that are not in use as improvised tables, that are at the passage of the bar and that are always in view, fulfilling a very practical function.

In the absence of space, the cabinet can be retrofitted to have a built-in bar and wine cabinet. The idea is great and super stylish, and when not in use, the space can be closed. A bar does not necessarily have to be dedicated exclusively to the storage of fine musts or other spirits. We can also delight our palate with herbs and coffee, and what better for such effects than to build a bar to show off our taste for nature?

Made of wood, which gives a very rustic and classic touch, a small bar and wine cabinet that contains just enough and necessary to prepare a breakfast quickly and that shows in an orderly and delicate way your colorful cups, will make your kitchen hypnotizing! Did you like these bars? We hope so!

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