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February 21, 2019 Bar Cabinet

Tall Bar Cabinet Increase Your Storage Space

Tall bar cabinet –  As an Architect, I tried to use the best design methods to make homes more efficient and used well for large sizes.  I strongly believe in the “Open Floor Plan” with fewer walls and doors. With rooms tied together as open visual spaces. Keeping the Big Space, Dining Room and Kitchen “open” (meaning no walls between them) helps make all rooms “feel bigger”. Removal of walls helps facilitate open communication between rooms. You don’t feel isolate in the kitchen when the barrier wall is remov. And therefore people don’t need to go into the kitchen to talk to you. They can do it from outside the kitchen zone.

And get the sky in the tall bar cabinet. Open for skylight can be bigger than the skylight itself. Get an open from the top of the ceiling to the edge of the wall. And find the circumference near the perpendicular wall so that it will spread light throughout the kitchen. Place a few “recesses” on your high wall above line 8 ‘for greenery, or statues. Install “pack” light in this niche for accent lighting. Use a high cupboard, 2 ‘inside and not on top of the closet. Place a high cabinet along the back wall, and near the opening to the kitchen zone. With a 2 ‘, deep, 7’ cupboard near the opening of the kitchen (usually next to the Dining Room), it can store all the glasses, plates, plates and bowls that you use everyday.

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Using only 3 tall bar cabinet (2 ‘in 7’ high) behind the kitchen, and an open floor plan. This allows all other kitchens to have a 36 “high level cabinet and table, without overhead cabinets. Overhead cabinets (and associated walls) just gives you an incredible open feeling. The kitchen isn’t as simple as a window and natural light comes from the windows of other rooms and skylights. Which means you don’t have to waste your kitchen space. In the corner of the kitchen, place a cupboard at 45 degrees to an adjacent cabinet and not a “lazy” or “lazy ” cupboard. Place the kitchen in the corner between your high closet. It doesn’t have to be too big (4 ‘x 4’) and in the corner you will use a “dead” corner space. The pantry will have a 2 ‘opening at 45 degrees to the adjacent cabinet.

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